"Do you ever wonder whether people would like you more or less if they could see inside you? …I always wonder about that. If people could see me the way I see myself—if they could live in my memories—would anyone, anyone, love me"

John Green (via psych-facts)

"Don’t go back to less, just because you’re too impatient to wait for the best."


Because girls are told to cover up instead of boys being told not to touch the master pieces.

Because women should be treated like people, not like objects created simply for the sake of a man’s pleasure.

Because I am allowed to feel offended when a guy looks at my breasts instead of looking at my face when we are having a conversation.

Because lesbian porn for the pleasure of men is seen as acceptable, but being lesbian is not.

Because being a girl shouldn’t be an insult.

Because the chances of getting raped as a woman are 1 in 6.

Because 1 in 10 rape victims are men.

Because women are told they aren’t woman enough and because men are told they aren’t man enough.

Because men should be able to display emotions freely without being called a pussy by their peers.

Because girls are always praised on their looks instead of their mental abilities and talents.

Because women with the same education as men don’t get the same positions on the work floor.

Because women should be treated with respect instead of being degraded.

Because sexist jokes aren’t funny.

Because men and boys get raped too but are more often than not told to keep quiet and are hardly ever taken seriously.

Because rape shouldn’t be blamed on the victim but on the jackass who thought it was okay to force himself on someone.

Because women should have the rights to their own bodies, everywhere in the world.

Because marriages are still arranged between girls and men three or four times their age.

Because young girls feel pressure to have sex with their boyfriends.

Because women feel they have to be sexy.

Because talented female authors get less praise for their books than males.

Because girls are called prude when they decide not to have sex, but are sluts when they do.

Because I shouldn’t need a man’s consent.

Because girls with large breasts are slut shamed.

Because girls with small breasts are told no man will ever want them if they don’t grow a bigger pair.

Because women are taught not to provoke men, but men aren’t taught to behave themselves.

Because telling a man you’re not interested won’t make him back off, but telling him you have a boyfriend will because no man would touch another man’s property.

Because women are seen as figurines men possess in the first place.

Because the choice of my clothes should not affect the respect I am treated with.

Because I chose to wear a bikini, but you had no right to invade my personal space to see me in my underwear.

Because boys will be boys is not a valid excuse.

Because hormones don’t turn men into dicks, they do.

Because girls have dress codes at school because boys won’t control themselves.

Because men who stand up for women’s rights are called girls and pussies and aren’t treated with respect, even though they are using their brains.

Because there is too much pressure on men to be masculine.

Because no matter what we do, we women are always at fault.

Because me refusing to have sex with you does not make me a slut or a whore.

Because being friendzoned is a term invented to make girls feel bad about turning a boy down.

Because middle aged men shouldn’t make sexual advances towards me.

Because being nice to me doesn’t automatically mean I should open my legs for you. Being nice to someone is respectful. Not a method for you to get girls into bed, asshole.

Because a can of pepper spray shouldn’t equal safety.

Because men get mad when we treat them as predators, but we have no right to object when we are treated as prey.

Because the boy who grabbed my ass in the hallway at school should have been punished and I shouldn’t have been told off for wearing a skirt.

Because slut walks shouldn’t be necessary and all rapists should be convicted.

Because women shouldn’t be seen as the weaker sex. Do we need to remind you that women gave birth to your sorry asses?

Because if I ever have a daughter I want her to grow up in a world without so many prejudices against women. I want her to be surprised and enraged when I tell her that women weren’t always treated equally to men. I want her to be able to achieve whatever she wants in life and I want her to grow up loving herself instead of being shamed into thinking that if she doesn’t meet certain standards set by men, she isn’t worth it.
But most importantly, I not only want this for my future daughter, I want this for every girl around the globe because we are all worth it. You are all worth it. And you deserve to be treated that way.